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I Vini del Piemonte return to Amsterdam

19 giugno 2023: il consorzio di promozione nei Paesi Bassi per presentare i vini piemontesi a professionisti e selezionati wine lovers olandesi

After the great success of 2022, I Vini del Piemonte will return to Amsterdam for the third edition of the Barolo & Friends Event in the Dutch capital.

The event, under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in The Hague, will take place on 19 June 2023: a whole day of tastings with separate sessions for operators and selected wine lovers.

The Dutch market is potentially very interesting for Piedmontese wines: the consumption of wine has grown considerably over the last few years and the popularity of Italian wine is increasing especially among the new generations, more attentive and curious. The diversification of demand also shows a growing awareness on the part of consumers: red wines remain the most purchased (50%), but in recent years also white wines (40%) and rosés (10%) have experienced an increase in popularity, alongside bubbles. Trends today see a growing interest in terroir wines and native varieties and look to sustainability.


  • 12-12.45: seminar on the Dutch market for the attending producers
  • 13-17: walk Around Tasting reserved for trade operators 
  • 13-14: first masterclass  led by Mr Lars Daniels for professionals.
  • 15-16: second masterclass led by Mr Lars Daniels. 
  • 18.00–20.30: Walk Around Tasting reserved for selected wine lovers.

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