Piedmont Wine Day in Stockholm: a day to promote imported companies

24 May 2022: a calendar of events spread in the Swedish capital to promote imported companies to selected wine lovers and wine club members

Given the strategic importance of the Swedish market, I Vini del Piemonte has scheduled a second appointment in Stockholm entirely dedicated to imported companies: the second edition of Piemonte Wine Day will therefore be staged at the annual Barolo & Friends Event in Stockholm, on 24 May 2022. The event will include a calendar full of activities and meetings spread in the Swedish capital to promote the wines already on the market to selected wine lovers and members of the Wine Clubs.

WINE & FOOD FEST PIEMONTE with EATALY | Stockholm, 24 May 2022

The Wine Fest dedicated to Piedmont will take place in the evocative and central location of Eataly in Stockholm.

This evening format, already successfully tested by Eataly, will open its doors from 18.00 to 23.00 to welcome selected wine lovers and members of wine clubs.

The event will host a maximum of 7 producers from all over Piedmont and six food tasting counters for a great food and wine festival dedicated to Piedmontese excellences: narrating wine through the territories will be our mission to support companies and their importers in promoting their own labels to an audience of precious enthusiasts.

PIEDMONTESE PRODUCERS GUESTS OF WINE CLUB Munskänkarna  | Stockholm, 24 May 2022

On the occasion of the Piemonte Wine Day, we will renew our collaboration with the prestigious Munskänkarna wine club, one of the most important in the country with 30,000 members and over 170 locations in Sweden and abroad.

President Mats Lindelow will be happy to welcome some Piedmontese producers for a wine tastings at the wine club headquarters in Stockholm: the appointment will involve four producers for an evening of tasting and tales with the members of the section.

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