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2022/01/31 > 2022/02/01
Basel, Zurich

Basel and Zurich: I Vini del Piemonte hosted by Gambero Rosso in Switzerland

31 January 2022-1 February 2022: participate in the Vini d’Italia Tour of Gambero Rosso in Basel and Zurich with I Vini del Piemonte

I Vini del Piemonte renews its prestigious collaboration with Gambero Rosso to offer the member companies the opportunity to take part in two highly effective initiatives on the strategic and competitive Swiss market.

By virtue of the renewed agreement, the companies associated with I Vini del Piemonte will have the opportunity to take part, exclusively and even if not included in the guide, in two important stages of the Gambero Rosso Vini d’Italia Tour on conditions of absolute favour:

  • 31 January 2022: Vini d’Italia Tour in Basel (Switzerland) 1st EDITION
  • 1 febbraio 2022: Vini d’Italia Tour in Zurich (Switzerland) 3rd EDITION
    (in addition to the Austrian stage of Tre bicchieri Tour in Salzburg scheduled for March 14, 2022)

Both stages are carried out in collaboration with Vinum, the most prestigious Swiss wine magazine, the undisputed point of reference in the wine sector and responsible for organizing some of the most important European wine awards.

Basel is a city located in one of the most productive and lively economic regions of the Swiss Confederation, on the crossroads of three countries – Switzerland, France and Germany – in an area characterized by strong dynamism, where the interest in Piedmontese wines is very strong.

Zurich, a difficult and competitive city, however, is confirmed as the most strategic for the rich Swiss wine market.

I Vini del Piemonte will have a dedicated corner, with individual counters for each producer, within the walk around tasting (with wineries from all over Italy) aimed at trade operators, journalists and consumers selected from the members of local wine clubs.


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