Miami B2B meetings

Thursday 27th February 2020: I Vini del Piemonte organized a BtoB meeting day in Florida with some twenty importers and dealers of the wine sector

With the aim of supporting the Piedmontese wine producing companies looking for an importer in the North American market, right after the Slow Wine Tour U.S.A. 2020, I Vini del Piemonte organized a day of B2B meetings in Miami (Florida).

The initiative, which took place on Thursday 27th February 2020, consisted in series of scheduled B2B meetings, which involved some twenty U.S.A. importers/dealers of the wine sector, truly interested in acquiring new companies from Piedmont as their suppliers.

The operators had been carefully selected in relation to the attending wine producing companies and the meetings were scheduled according to a proper matching phase. Each company had at least 4/5 meetings.

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