The Barolo&Friends Event for the first time in Dublin

The consortium of promotion has scheduled a new event in Ireland addressed to operators and final consumers.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, the consortium of promotion I Vini del Piemonte will be in Dublin for a new tasting initiative aimed at promoting the Piemdontese producers on a very interesting market. In fact, for the last decade, this market has registered a constant growth as well as a constant growing appreciation for the wine and food production and the Italian wines.

The event is reserved for the wine producing companies member of I Vini del Piemonte, both those already imported in Ireland and those looking for an importer: in fact, there will be two separate sessions for sector operators and the public made of wine lovers and final consumers.

Since there is no domestic production, the Irish wine market is all related to imports: it has been developing in the last 50 years but it has started growing at a consistent pace since the 1990s. Also in the last few years, despite the crisis, the wine consumption have continued to grow albeit at a very slow pace: currently, in Ireland about 90 million litres of wine are sold every year and imports amount to some 270 million euro as far as value is concerned. (data: ilmercatodelvino.it).

Here below the day’s programme (to be defined):

  • 10.00 – 11.00 >> Seminar on the wine market in Ireland, addressed to the attending producers
  • 11.00 – 16.00 >> Trade session reserved for sector professionals from Ireland and North Ireland, carefully selected with the help of a specialized agency according to the type of wine proposed by the attending wine producing companies. The operators will be selected among the following categories: importers of Italian wines, sommeliers and restaurant wine managers, dealers specializing in spirits, gourmet shop and wine shop owners, off-licence, cooking schools, corporate and event catering companies.
    During the trade session there will also be three in-depth Master Classes reserved for operators, hosted by the wine expert Monica Murphy.
  • 16.00 – 19.00 >> Session open to the public, addressed to wine lovers and enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to personally meet the Piedmontese producers, taste their wines and ask detailed information on the different labels.
    There will also be a space reserved for food and wine journalists and wine-bloggers who will receive a customized press-kit with all the technical details of wines and attending wine companies.

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