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Piemonte Wine Day in Chicago

The 6th of November 2018 I Vini del Piemonte will organize a day with promotional initiatives in the U.S. metropolis: BtoB meetings with a group of importers and light lunch reserved for trading operators. In the evening a wine dinner for final consumers in an Italian restaurant.

With the aim of supporting the Piedmontese wine producing companies in search of an importer and help those already active there to strengthen their position in the U.S. market, I Vini del Piemonte is organizing a day of promotional activities in Chicago, one of the most strategic end market for Italian wines in the U.S.A.

The event will take place on the 6th of November 2018 at the 200 West Madison, a spectacular skyscraper with futuristic design located in the “Loop”, the historical financial centre of Chicago. The day will be divided in two parts. In the morning there will be a session of BtoB meetings between Piedmontese producers and a dozen importers and dealers coming from the Midwest, based on pre-established agendas.

The meetings will then be followed by a light lunch open to sector operators (importers, journalists, bloggers, influencers, sommeliers, chefs, food&beverage managers etc.), organized in cooperation with Tom Hyland, renowned journalist and ambassador of I Vini del Piemonte in Illinois.


  • 9.45am / 12.45pm >> BtoB meetings between Piedmontese producers and some Midwest importers/distributors
  • 12.45pm / 2.45pm >> light lunch

In the evening there will be a wine dinner for a selected public of wine lovers in the restaurant “Vivere” at the Italian Village. Also this event will be organized in cooperation with Tom Hyland, who will present to all the participants the wines which will be paired with the dishes.

Refined, rich and elegant, Chicago is a city capable of understanding the qualitative and exclusive soul of the Piedmontese wines like no others, also thanks to one of the most interesting Italian food scene of the entire United States.

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