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Italy of Wine: “Slow Wine” and “I Vini del Piemonte” excellences in Tokyo

On November 21st, 2016, the consortium “I Vini del Piemonte” and the wine guide published by “Slow Food” presented a selection of Italian producers in the Land of the Raising Sun.

Japan, fourth importer of wine in the world in terms of value, is a very interesting market for our producers: the GDP per capita is much more higher than the Italian one, so the spending capacity is quite high. Moreover, Japanese consumers are extremely prepared in terms of wine and love learning about the history behind each bottle; in fact, they consider essential that wine represents a territory and its peculiarities. In this, Italian ones have a certain advantage, also thanks to the fact that in Japan there is great fascination for everything coming from our country. The aim of this initiative is to present the Italian wine excellences to the Japanese sector professionals, with a specific focus on Piedmontese wines. For this reason, I Vini del Piemonte and Slow Wine took advantage of the precious cooperation of Isao Miyajima, a journalist considered one of the maximum expert of wine in Japan. The event, organized in cooperation with Ideazione srl, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the ICE of Tokyo, took place on November 21st 2016from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm, in the elegant and multifunctional Happo-en of Tokyo. The event was addressed to the sector professionals (importers, distributors, journalists, opinion leaders, sommeliers, agents, restaurateurs, etc.) in the form of a “Walk Around Tasting”. There was also two seminars held by the journalist Isao Miyajima: – 1.00 pm >> seminar on Italian wine: “The limitless potential of Italian wine” – 3.00 pm >> seminar on Piedmontese wines: “The excellences of Piedmontese wines and the sweetness of Moscato”

The choice of the capital is not accidental. Tokyo, in fact, has the highest rate of wine consumption in the entire Japan: five times more than Osaka, the second for consumptions! Moreover, according to some researches, these figures are likely to grow in the years to come.

On November 20th 2016, the evening before the event there has been a wine dinner with wines of the Piedmont producers, organized in cooperation with Isao Miyajima at the prestigious Piedmont restaurant “La Ciau“, whose chef was trained at the famous “La Ciau del Tornavento” in Treiso, Italy.

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