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2016/10/30 > 2016/11/01

I Vini del Piemonte at the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition in Lugano

A delegation of Piedmontese wine companies introduced in one of the most important tourism Fairs in Europe inside the “Piemonte Wine Area”.

In order to increase and diversify the promotion in Switzerland, destination of great interest for the Piedmontese wines, the consortium of promotion I Vini del Piemont took part, in cooperation with Piedmont Good Wines association, in the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition in Lugano. The event took place from Sunday, October 30th to Tuesday, November 1st 2016, at the Lugano Exhibition Centre.

Main tourist event in the Italian speaking Switzerland, the Fair is one of the most important European exhibitions and gives the opportunity to enter one of the richest tourism markets of the world. Moreover, if one considers that the Swiss wine lovers, great connoisseurs of Piedmontese wines, often choose Piedmont has their wine and food travel destination, it is easy to understand that taking part in such an innovative and high quality event in this area is a winning choice for the promotion of wine companies and territory in terms of tourism.

I Vini del Piemonte and Piedmont Good Wines managed the “Piemonte Wine Area” inside which, beside promoting together the region wine sector, were also presented the wines of some wine companies. The attending companies, on this occasion, had a great opportunity to promote themselves, get in touch with the Swiss public and sell their products!


In collaborazione con l’Associazione Piedmont Good Wines

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