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Great enthusiasm in Vienna for the Piedmontese wines!

On March 17th 2014 ten producers of Strada del Barolo took part in the annual presentation of the wines of Burgenland at the Imperial Palace in Vienna, under the twinning between the two wine regions.

A real “wedding of excellence”, signed with the purpose of connecting competences for the reciprocal development of the wine tourist sector, this European project envisages a well structured number of experiences, such as mutual “study tours” in the two regions, “Master Classes” and “Wine Dinners” aiming at training the respective sommeliers on each other’s wines, a number of joined actions to promote one’s own specific proposals to a common target and the joined participation to some important promotional events in foreign countries.

One of the essential actions of the project is the organization of workshops dedicated to the sector operators of the two countries, with the purpose of promoting Piedmontese wine and food tourism in Austria and that of Burgenland in Italy: this is why on 17th March 2014, during the yearly presentation of the Burgenland wines event, near the Austrian wine producing companies, there were also ten producers of the “Strada del Barolo“, who presented their wines to an audience of Austrian wine-lovers and professionals.

The event, organized by Wein Burgenland – the consortium of wine producers of the Austrian region –, took place at the “Hofburg Congress Center” in Vienna, former Royal Residence of the House of Hapsburg and today transformed into a prestigious congress centre, inside the majestic “Zeremoniensaal” (the former throne room of the Hapsburgs), where more than 2,200 participants had the opportunity to taste some of the best labels of the producers of Strada del Barolo. During the workshop was also held an in-depth seminar on Barolo exclusively dedicated to the trade.

To celebrate the twinning and the journey of Barolo in Vienna, the following day there was also a tasting dinner in a restaurant of Oggau, in Burgenland region, during which Austrian and Piedmontese wines was matched with dishes of the Austrian tradition.


Bric Cenciurio – Barolo (CN)
Azienda Olivero Mario – Roddi (CN)
Podere Ruggeri Corsini – Monforte d’Alba (CN)
Dosio – La Morra (CN)
Rizieri Azienda Agricola – Diano d’Alba (CN)
Le Strette – Novello (CN)
Moscone – Monforte d’Alba (CN)
La Fusina di Abbona Luigi e Massimo – Dogliani (CN)
Anselma Giacomo Azienda Agricola – Serralunga d’Alba (CN)
Tenuta L’Illuminata – La Morra (CN)

The objectives and actions in the agreement

The initiative is fully part between the actions of the European project which is part of the twinning, real “marriage of excellence” signed with the aim of combining knowledge and experience for the mutual benefit of developing wine tourism. Here is a summary of the main actions of the project:

  1. Exchange of practises, forecasting mutual “study tours” in the two regions, providing to both partners the possibility to see with their own eyes the reality of the other’s country and learn the best practises;
  2. Workshop dedicated to the sector operators of the two countries, aiming at the promotion of Piedmontese wine tourism in Austria, of Burgenland in Italy and the two regions together in other international markets: in March a delegation of Strada producers will take part in the wine presentation event of Burgenland which takes place every year in the Hofburg of Vienna;
  3. Joined promotion of the two partner regions, addressing one’s own specific proposals to a common target, for example through actions of “direct marketing” using the databases of both organizations;
  4. “Master Classes” and “Wine Dinners” to train the Austrian sommeliers on Piedmontese wines and Italian sommeliers on Burgenland’s wines;
  5. Joined promotional events in foreign countries: for example, it is considering the possibility of submitting together Piedmont and Burgenland wine offer  in Germany or in Switzerland.

Last October, the Burgenland agriculture councillor Andreas Liegenfeld spent words of great appreciation for the Strada del Barolo: “For us, it is an honour being invited to what I consider one of the most important food exhibitions in the world and we are proud to work with Strada del Barolo, known in our country as one of the first organizations in Italy for wine tourism promotion. We are here because we have a common goal: improving visitors from abroad by relying on wine and food. In order to do it, I think it is important to share the best practises at different levels. But this twinning does not only have to be considered just a project: it is, in my opinion, an experience which brings alive the idea of cooperation among European countries”.

And it is with this spirit that Strada del Barolo, after having invited the regional association of the Burgenland producers to present its wines in the “city of 100 towers”, brought in Vienna ten producers to take part in an event that was attended by about 400 professionals and 1800 wine-lovers.

During their stay, the guests from Burgenland had the opportunity to take part in a sensory analysis on the truffles and enjoy a Wine Tasting Experience® on the “Crus of Barolo”. They also visited some cellars of producers of Strada del Barolo, having also the possibility to admire the amazing hills that surround Alba.

Highlight of the visit was, for sure, the dinner on Saturday night at the restaurant “La Crota” in Roddi, where the chef Danilo Lorusso proposed the dishes of the Piedmontese tradition matched with four wines of Burgenland and four wines of producers of Strada del Barolo: some fifty people took part in the evening, in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, and all the attendees appreciated the unusual combination of the wines coming from the two different regions. Combination that was repeated on March 18th 2014 in Austria when, to celebrate the twinning and the transfer of Barolo in Vienna, was organized a tasting dinner at the restaurant “Zum Herztröpferl” of Oggau, Burgenland, during which the Austrians and Piedmontese wines were matched with the Austrian cuisine.

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