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I Vini del Piemonte returns to the Balkans with the second edition of Barolo & Friends in Sofia

12 May 2023: Barolo & Friends returns to Sofia to promote the excellence of Piedmont

Friday 12 May 2023, the promotion consortium I Vini del Piemonte returns to Sofia with a tasting initiative aimed at consolidating the promotion started in 2022 in Bulgaria in collaboration with our long-time partner Michèle Shah.

After having touched over the years, through various successful initiatives, many Eastern European markets, today we turn our attention to the Balkans being Bulgaria an interesting gateway. The country records a growing appreciation for Italian wines, but also poor knowledge of the Piedmontese wine scene. In order to encourage the entry of Piedmontese companies into this market and support those already present, we therefore consider essential the creation of a promotion initiative aimed at creating knowledge and curiosity towards the wines of our region, stimulating their demand and diffusion.

The Barolo & Friends in Sofia is therefore reserved both to Piedmontese companies that want to enter this emerging market, and those already imported. For this reason, the event will be addressed to local operators, including importers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, journalists, etc., as well as selected wine lovers.  The decision to schedule the event close to the weekend, on Friday, was suggested by our partner to allow professionals from neighboring countries to join the event, thus  turning it into a commercial and promotional opportunity not only for the Bulgarian market, but also for the neighboring Balkan regions

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