The Barolo & Friends Event returns to Helsinki after a one-year absence

Thursday 12 November 2020: I Vini del Piemonte returns to Finland for a tasting event aimed at professional operators and wine lovers

In order to allow the Piedmontese wine producing companies to consolidate or open new commercial opportunities in Finland, a medium-small but certainly growing market and extremely interesting for the export of quality wine, I Vini del Piemonte organizes, after a year of absence, the fourth edition of the Barolo & Friends Event in Helsinki.

The event is scheduled on Thursday 12 November 2020 at the very central and prestigious Helsinki Music Center (Musiikkitalo) and includes a Walk Around Tasting with a main session reserved for Alko representatives (national monopoly of the distribution of alcoholic beverages in Finland) and professionals of the sector (importers, dealers, ho.re.ca sector, journalists etc.), carefully profiled and selected on the basis of a real interest in Piedmontese companies. In the afternoon there will be a session dedicated to the public of local wine lovers, highly selected through the wine clubs.

During the event, some in-depth Master Classes will be organized for professionals and final consumers, with the aim of improving the knowledge of the different Piedmontese wines.


  • Walk around tasting reserved for trade operators and representatives of the national monopoly (Alko)
  • Walk around tasting addressed to the public of wine lovers, selected also through wine clubs
  • Master Class for professionals and wine lovers

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