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The “Piemonte Wine School” lands in Norway

6th November – 10th December 2019: in Oslo a cycle of four seminars led by Ken C. Engebretsen to spread and promote the Piedmontese wine culture.

Following the excellent feedback obtained in recent years by Piedmontese wines in Norway and thanks to the experience gained over the years with the organization of seven editions in a row of the Barolo & Friends Event in the Norwegian capital, in the autumn of 2019 the consortium of promotion I Vini del Piemonte will start a series of appointments with the “Piemonte Wine School” in Oslo.

This ambitious and innovative project, already successfully tested in Denmark since 2017, aims at building a centre for the spread and promotion of the Piedmontese wine culture, to meet the demand of the Nowegian public, as well as strengthening the promotion in one of the most strategic markets for the Piedmontese wines.

The 2019 programme includes four tasting seminars of Piedmontese wines at the Mathallen Vulkan, a lively metropolitan market, the beating heart of Oslo’s food and wine culture and home to an important wine club.

The lessons will have the form of a Wine Tasting Experience® and will be held by Ken C. Engebretsen and a team of prestigious Norwegian sommeliers. Ken C. Engebretsen is a founding member of Norsk Sommelier Education, the most important Norwegian school in the hotel and restaurant sector, and will be in charge of the “Piemonte Wine School” in Norway.

The Wine Tasting Experience® is a type of tasting event devised by Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa for final consumers, to spread the knowledge of the Piedmontese wines. This kind of event goes beyond the traditional tasting; first of all because it offers the opportunity to compare labels of different producers in one single appointment, and second because it has a strong educational spirit since each experience is led by an expert who, with the help of a supporting video and interactive tools, can reveal secrets and curiosities about the wines presented to the public.


6th November 2019 – 18.00/19.30
“Piemonte: diversity and class”
Price: 300,00 NOK + 16,99 NOK
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20th November 2019 – 18.00/19.30
“Nebbiolo vs Barbera”
Price: 300,00 NOK + 16,99 NOK
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3rd December 2019 – 18.00/19.30
“Great wines from Piedmont”
Price: 300,00 NOK + 16,99 NOK
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10th December 2019 – 18.00/19.30
“Christmas time, it’s Piedmont Time!”
Price: 300,00 NOK + 16,99 NOK
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