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Hong Kong

Italy of Wine: “Slow Wine” and “I Vini del Piemonte” excellences in Hong Kong

On November 23rd 2016 the consortium “I Vini del Piemonte” came back in the Asian metropolis with the Slow Food wine guide.

After becoming in the last 5-6 years the nerve centre for the marketing and distribution of wine throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong is now one of the leading emerging markets and has privileged access to China, the world’s fourth largest importer of wine. Given therefore the importance of the sophisticated Asian metropolis, on November 23rd 2016, after the event organized in Tokyo together with the Slow Food wine guide, the consortium I Vini del Piemonte proposed an other top level appointment: Italy of Wine, “Slow Wine” and “I Vini del Piemonte” excellences in Hong Kong.

Organized by Slow Wine and I Vini del Piemonte, with the aim of presenting to the Hong Kong sector professionals the best of Italian wine production, with a specific focus on Piedmontese wines, the event has been held on November 23rd 2016 from 13.00 to 18.00 at the Lightstage Art & Events.

The event was aimed at professionals (importers, distributors, journalists, opinion leaders, sommeliers, agents, restaurateurs, etc.) in the format of a Walk Around Tasting.

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